Sunday, June 29, 2014

Supetar, Croatia: Paradise City #2 on the Adriatic

The next morning, Saturday, the 19th, the group decided that we wanted to explore one of the islands off of the coast of Split. It cost next to nothing to take the ferry to Brač so that is where we went. We picked up breakfast and walked around the city, and then around 10:00am, we walked to the dock. On the way there in the midst of a conversation, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking, and I took a tumble over a small protruding boulder on the side of the roadway. I scraped up my left hand and right knee and blood streamed down my leg. I used the water bottle I had just purchased to clean myself off, and while the others went to get spots on the ferry, I sat down on a nearby bench and Jenn went to go find a band-aid. Of course none of the surrounding businesses had a first aid kit, and I left my kit in the hostel room. So, I used a bundle of paper towels to put pressure on my knee, and Jenn and I walked to the ferry. Luckily, a pack of cyclists had boarded the boat, so I went up to them and asked for a bandage. One of the men was incredibly nice and gave me alcohol wipes and a couple of band-aids. The ironic part of this story is that during our trip to Croatia many of us stumbled, fell, and gathered our fair share of battle wounds. As opposed to gaining my scratches by going down on the scooter or wiping out while hiking, I fell on the sidewalk pretty much by tripping over my own feet.

The ferry ride to Brač was gorgeous. The Adriatic Sea was the most magnificent blue, and the water was incredibly clear.

The group on the ferry going to Brač (taken from Michael's photos)
The view of Brač as we were approaching the dock
We were on the island of Brač and in the town of Supetar, Croatia

Once we arrived, we weren't sure what we wanted to do. Our original thoughts were to walk around the island for the day, but when the boys saw the scooters, that was all they wanted to do. I was terrified to get on a scooter. I don't do bikes very well, especially motorized bikes. But after some convincing, it was the best way to see the island in a short period of time. So, all of us chipped in and we rented four scooters for three hours. I insisted on riding with Chris because he had a scooter back in St. Louis, and I felt okay putting my life in his hands. Yes, I was being dramatic, but I was also an anxious wreck. I had never been on the back of a scooter or motorcycle before, and I have an immense fear of falling.

It was pretty fun. People did wipeout while on the road and bump into walls, but no serious injuries occurred. We all wore helmets and paid close attention to the road rules. Luckily, Chris and I never fell - thank goodness. Halfway through our ride, we hid the scooters on the side of the road and walked through an olive grove.

Emielia and Jenn walking in the olive grove on the outskirts of Supetar

Wild poppy!

After a while, we were nervous that we were going to get in trouble for trespassing, so we hopped back on the scooters and rode around some more.

A view of the sea while cruising (taken by Jenn)

Riding on the scooter was a first for me, and it was a great time! I was a ball of nerves the entire time I was on the back of that thing, but when it was over I was so happy I did it!

The scooter that Chris and I rode

When the three hours were up, I remember running for the next ferry back to Split. There was enough time to pick up a Supetar magnet, but we barely made it on. We soaked up the last moments in Split when we returned. Then, we boarded a bus to Zadar, Croatia to meet number eight in our Webster ensemble, Andrew. The ride north to Zadar was picturesque as we drove along the water. Next stop: Zadar, Croatia.


  1. I'm glad I got a little mention! Love the pics and it partially makes up for the fact that I missed out on days 1 and 2 :D


    1. Thanks Andrew! Check out my posts about Verona and Zadar. You're mentioned in those as well :)

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